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Sportswear Mesh Fabric

Get Perfect Sportswear Mesh Fabric Wholesale!

Any outfit becomes ten times greater when it is made of superior quality fabric; be it sportswear, beachwear, formal/semi-formal, or party wear. When it comes to looking for the best sportswear fabric, then who can facilitate you better than Xiomin Textile?

Yes, we are the sportswear fabric supplier as we provide the best sportswear mesh fabric wholesale and other styles of mesh fabrics in China.  Our manufactured material can be used for various sports and leisure clothing such as; lining, sports jerseys, and it can also be used for making dresses and skirts.

The mesh fabric which we provide is light, soft, breathable, and sturdy fabric. The fabric is made with strong and soft material that is both comfortable and breathable. The fabric contains small holes about 1 mm wide which are stretchable for all four directions. It also comprises of naturally wonderful flowing drape that can be machine washed and dried.

Whether you mesh fabric for making sports outfits, beachwear, or any formal dress, get super quality sportswear mesh fabric wholesale in big quantity by Xiomin Textile.

Insight into Our Sportswear Mesh Fabric Material

The mesh fabric which we manufacture includes a big amount of elastane in its construction giving it a highly elastic property. This makes it a perfect option for shapewear, hosiery, and lingerie. You can also contact directly with the leading sportswear fabric supplier by the online Xiaomintextile website.

Best to Use For

Our supplied mesh fabric is not only best for sportswear, but also best for creating tanks, laundry bags mesh tops, activewear jerseys, and more. They’re also widely used as the Lining fabric or Inserting fabric for Sportswear including; Sports bib, Beach shorts, T-shirts, Underwear, Yoga wear, etc.

Other Main Uses of Our Mesh Fabrics;

  • For net products – used in fishing nets, & net bags, etc.
  • For sportswear – used in short shirts, sports jerseys, and to name a few
  • For Apparel – used in shapewear, undergarments
  • For Industrial Applications – Used in netting and screen printing tools

At Xiomin Textile, you expect to discover the immense variety in our sportswear mesh fabric wholesale because we not only aim to provide you quality products for our fame only, but we also aim to see you raise your business bar, and expand it worldwide with leaps and bounds.

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