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What Lycra Fabric is All About?

What Lycra Fabric is All About?

The entire story starts with just one question, what do you know about polyester lycra fabric? So, lets jump to the main discussion what this fabric is, how it is made, and for which major applications this fabric is used in sports industry

About Lycra Fabric

Lycra is basically a brand name for elastane, a highly elastic synthetic fabric. Though it is known with different names such as; spandex, and elastane, yet all are same material. These fabrics can stretch to 5-8 times according to their normal size.

If we take a look at its historic significance, then it was originally manufactured by DuPont Corporation in 1950s, but it’s existence would not be possible without polyurethane which was invented by IG Farben in renaissance era in Germany.

The Polyurethane speaks to the base material for various plastics, and a similar fundamental substance combination strategy is utilized to make Lycra that are used for making other polyurethane-based plastics.

How Is Lycra Fabric Made?

The making of Lycra fabric undergoes the following procedure

  1. Production of prepolymer

This step is accomplished by mixing macroglycol with a disocyanate monomer within a special type of reaction vessel

  1. Chain Extension Reaction

When the dry spinning method is used, this polymer is reacted with diamine acid

  1. Diluting

Next, this solution is diluted with a solvent to make it thinner and easier to handle, this is then  placed inside a fiber production cell

  1. Extrusion

This cell spins to produce fibers and close the elastane material. Within this cell, the solution is pushed through a spinneret

  1. Heating

These fibers are heated within a nitrogen and solvent gas solution, to form the liquid polymer into solid strands

  1. Twisting

The strands are then bundled together as they exit the cylindrical spinning cell with a compressed air device that twisted them

  1. Finishing

Next, magnesium stearate or another polymer is utilized to treat the elastane material as a finishing agent

  1. Weaving

Lastly, the Lycra yarn is transferred to a large pool, and it is shipped out to a textile manufacturing plant

For Which Major Applications Lycra Fabric is Used?

The polyester Lycra fabric suppliers are broadly requested in material industry for a quality substance which has been noted being highly required in certain consumer apparel markets, but elastane fabrics are rarely promoted on their own.

Anyways, it is widely used in;

  • Form fitting garments
  • Sportswear – apparel for biking, swimming, and hiking
  • For motion capture suits

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