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What is The Difference Between Chiffon & Georgette? Learn It Now with Notable Facts Here!

What is The Difference Between Chiffon & Georgette? Learn It Now with Notable Facts Here!

When it comes to recognize and analyze each fabric material in apparel either in field of sports, fashion, or for normal wear, then there’s so much confusion inside. It really becomes difficult to distinguish between two exact looking fabric material, let’s take an example of chiffon and Georgette.

I have been confused in this matter throughout life what makes them different, in fact, once a time I visited chiffon fabric supplier, and got confused when I found same shirt of chiffon material which I already had of georgette before.

Thanks to digital world, I visited a website world of textile, there I learn some very notable, and prominent differences between both chiffon and Georgette material, the entire information there clear all my confusion, so I am going to share that useful information with you all.

What is Chiffon & Georgette?


Chiffon Fabric

Chiffon, is the French word for cloth, or rag. It is light in weight, a decent plain-woven sheer texture, bound of interchange S-, and Z-turn crepe (high-bent) yarns. The contort in crepe yarns, puckers the texture somewhat in the two bearings subsequent to weaving, giving it some stretch, and marginally unpleasant feel

The chiffon fabric is made from cotton, silk, or synthetic fibers. This fabric can be dyed to almost any shade, but chiffon made from polyester can be difficult to dye under a magnifying glass as it resembles a fine net, or mesh which gives chiffon see-through properties

While sewing chiffon, numerous crafters give a tissue paper layer amidst of two pieces which are being sewn together. The tissue paper helps keep the fabric together with the rough surface of tissue holding chiffon in place, while it is handled after sewing. The tissue paper can be carefully written out. And, chiffon fabric is pin able as well since it can spring back concealing pin marks

As a general rule, the sewers should work slowly and steadily with this fabric taking care not to run it through sewing machine too quickly, or it will bunch and gather,

In what apparel chiffon fabric is used mostly?

Chiffon fabric is mostly used in evening wear especially as an overlay for giving an elegant and floating appearance to the gown. It is also a popular fabric used in blouses, ribbons, scarves, and lady’s undergarment etc.

Like other fabric, chiffon can also be a bit challenging to work with due to its light and slippery texture, and due to this delicate nature, chiffon must be hand washed gently. Let’s move towards Georgette fabric


What a Georgette Fabric is?

Georgette (from crepe Georgette) was named after the early 20th century, French dressmaker, Georgette De la Plante. It is a sheer, light in weight, and dull finished crepe fabric. This fabric material is originally made from silk, and later Rayon, or Rayon blends. The modern Georgette is often made of synthetic filament yarns.

It is either plain or tabby woven, and like other crepes is made with highly twisted yarns; its characteristic currently surface is created by alternating s and Z twist yarns in both warp and whiffed. Georgette is made in solid prints and colors. This fabric material is widely used for making blouses dresses, even for gowns and trimmings.

It is springer, and less lustrous than closely related chiffon.


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