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Top 5 Fabric Sportswear Fabric Picks

Top 5 Fabric Sportswear Fabric Picks

Looking for best sportswear T-shirts? But you would be concern which fabric to choose either for gym wear or sportswear right?  With so many fabric picks out there, it can be very easy to get stuck in confusion of what to buy and what not

This blog post can be very informative as it’ll get you through top five sportswear fabric which are high in demand these days. Hopefully, by the end of blog, you’ll be able to make a wise decision which one to choose for your specific design

WE often go for fabric that perform really well, and not going to break the bank, as the beginner brand, make sure you get the biggest amount of value of fabrics you’re selecting, and to make sure they perform at highest level possible

  1. Cotton Spandex

This can said to be the staple of any afterword’s sportswear collection. It may sound bit weird to use cotton spandex as it is a non-performance fabric for sportswear, but by adding spandex, we can mix the best of both worlds when it comes to mix the softness and natural feel of cotton as well as the stretch that’s afforded by spandex

Adding just 10% of spandex into your fabric composition allow your fabric to stretch up to 600% of its size, while still retaining its tension so you’re going to alleviate the fact that cotton is not stretchy on its own, and over time it can wear out by adding spandex.

You get more form-fitting look to the fabric and overall you’re going to increase the longevity of fabric. In short, it’s a complete blend of 95% cotton, and 5% spandex

  1. Bamboo Spandex

Here comes the bamboo spandex, did you see how frequently spandex is been used by many sportswear fabric supplier? Mainly because it affords a good amount of stretch to any sportswear garment specially t-shirts, how far you stretch, yet it retains its structure

Why bamboo fabric? Bamboo is something even consumed by Pandas! Anyways, it’s a natural according resource that we can smash it to pulp and make a fiber ADAK by mixing bamboo and spandex

This fabric is super soft to wear, it’s also great with people who’re sensitive or allergic to certain wear fabrics. And, Bamboo fabric is also UV repellent, light in weight, breathable, and sweat wicking

  1. Polyester Spandex

Again, we have polyester spandex mix, 91% polyester and 9% spandex. The weight of this manager is around 180 to 200 GSM weight depending on specifics that you need. By the way 180 2g to 200 GSM is great and certainly you won’t feel much difference

Now, why to wear polyester? Because it’s a synthetic fabric, so it’s more affordable than other sportswear fabric. Overall, it might drive the cost of your garment down more than any of those organic or natural fibers. It’s still going to perform in ways that need it wrinkle-free so bias or does a great job of retaining its structure.

You don’t need to iron it. This fabric is also;

  • UV repellent
  • Affordable
  • Thermally insulating
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