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Polyester Lycra Fabric – Do You Find it Absolute One For Your Sports Wear Business?

Polyester Lycra Fabric – Do You Find it Absolute One For Your Sports Wear Business?

           Polyester fabric is among the top well-known sportswear fabric that is used for making all kinds of sport’s costume ranging from hockey wear, to cricket wear, gym, and for other athlete activities. Here is some best piece of information that you ought to know about polyester Lycra fabric

What is Polyester?

Polyester is an active wear fabric that was created in 1941, an apparel that been leading a part of legacy in sports world from era of 70s so far, and is also known as leisure suit. The polyester fabric today is quite different than it was a years ago.

A synthetic, stretchy fabric that is scientifically made with Polyethylene Terephthalate, is further obtained with combined chemical reaction of petroleum, coal, air, and water.

Benefits of Polyester

The highlighting advantages of polyester Lycra fabric include;

  • This fabric quickly dries as compared to other hard to dry sports fabric


  • It is hydrophobic, means water-resistant, so it hardly absorbs stains unlike other fabrics


  • It is likewise too stretchy and extremely solid. Polyester garments will in general hold up to ordinary mileage far superior to cotton ones


  • Additionally, since it is such an adaptable fiber, it doesn’t wrinkle as effectively either. It ricochets back to its unique shape as opposed to getting wrinkled. This makes it the ideal texture for undershirts that need to fit easily against your skin under different shirts


  • The best some portion of polyester is that it mixes effectively with different textures. Thus, while a common shirt made of 100% polyester will be stretchy and warm, a shirt made with a 50-50 mix of polyester and cotton will hold the great characteristics of polyester alongside all the great characteristics of cotton.

Is Polyester Stretchy?

Many people ask, is polyester stretchy fabric? Yes, it is, but also depend on variation, some are stretchy and some are not, since this fabric is expanded into many types, and each have its own unique characteristics.

How Does Polyester Feel?

The sports apparel made with polyester Lycra fabric don’t absorb sweat, rather do a better job by wicking away all sweat. On other hand, cotton fabric will absorb sweat and moisture which is then reserved in garment, and will take longer to dry.

In this way, when you are wearing polyester-mixed exercise garments, you’re probably going to feel dry and agreeable.

Almost every waterproofed thing and sports thing contains a mix of polyester, including parkas, climbing garments, pullovers, and exercise wear.

Polyester is a marginally harsher texture than cotton, so on the off chance that you have touchy skin you may feel some bothering from its strands. Picking a polyester mix for your clothing will be far more averse to cause a response.

How Does Polyester Fit?

Another critical concern regarding this popular sports fabric is, does it fit tight or depends on size? Polyester runs consistent with size as it doesn’t normally contract. You can utilize a brand’s measuring manual for locate the ideal fit.

It is constantly prescribed to purchase things, for example, undershirts consistent with size, not free, since these will be worn underneath shirts and you need them to fit near your body with no wrinkles.

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