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Features, Pros, & Cons of Chiffon Fabric

Features, Pros, & Cons of Chiffon Fabric

What Chiffon Fabric is, & What its Features Are?

Chiffon is a delicate fabric that is popular for its floating, sheer, and shimmery nature, almost like tissue paper. Wondering what does sheer, shimmery, and rough feel mean? Let me precisely define each of them;

Sheer:  Chiffon-fabric has a transparent appearance, when it is held under a magnifying glass, it gives a fine net or mesh type look

Shimmery: This fabric has a shimmery surface. Here it falls in two different categories actually; the silk chiffon has shimmery surface, where cotton chiffon is more matte

Harsh feel: There are slight puckers in chiffon because of the rotating s-curve and z-contort yarns

Stretch: Chiffon has a slight spandex-like feel because of being woven in various ways. Silk chiffon has somewhat more stretch than polyester chiffon, as silk is normally progressively flexible

Solid: Chiffon texture, both silk and engineered, is very solid because of the touches of the yarns and the tight weave of the texture

What Are the Pros & Cons of Using Chiffon?

Generally, chiffon is decorative fabric that is versatile for fashion designing, and sports apparel use, yet this fabric has few cons as well

Drapes well: Chiffon has a beautiful drape, which makes it popular for evening gowns. It also does hold a little bit of its own structure, which gives the fabric a nice character.

Holds dye well: Silk chiffon displays colors beautifully, especially silk chiffon, as silk fibers absorb a lot of dye.

However, chiffon also has some downsides. Here are some sewing tips and things to note about chiffon.

Difficult to work with: Chiffon’s slippery texture makes it difficult to work with. When sewing chiffon, sewers and craftsman work steadily and slowly with the fabric.

When using a sewing machine, make sure to use a sharp machine needle. Since the fabric can easily fray and pull, a sharp needle will help avoid that in the sewing process.

Frays easily: Even though chiffon’s threads are very strong because of the tight twists, it can snag and fray easily.

Loses shape over time: Silk chiffon loses shape and may sag over time and use. Nylon and polyester chiffon maintain shape a little better than silk chiffon.

One more tip, the textile market is flooded with plenty of chiffon fabric suppliers, then make wise decision of choosing reliable one. The one who can provide you stuff with good quality, in great quantity, and within justifiable price! Sounds cliché, but its fact!


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