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Cotton vs Polyester – Learn Pros & Cons of Both!

Cotton vs Polyester – Learn Pros & Cons of Both!

Whenever you choose fabric for next order, so choose keeping in mind the use of apparel you’re going to stitch.  Either you going to supply fabric for athletes who need flexible, and breathable fabric? Or you aim to supply it for welders and electricians who are looking for fabric that won’t melt to their skin on getting exposure to spark? Whatever it may be, cotton is mostly preferred for comfortable wear

But, if we look into this matter in terms of sportswear clothing then both polyester and cotton have few pros and cons, both play a significant role in different kind of apparels depending on occasion, and weather condition

Why Cotton Is Best for Comfortable Wearing?

Cotton is the most broadly utilized normal texture for clothing fabricating over the world. Being a characteristic fiber, cotton is an inexhaustible asset and is biodegradable. The natural fibers unlike polyester, are far costly, and aren’t worth investing when it comes to use them for promotional purpose.

The greatest advantage of cotton is, it’s breathability. This fabric makes a best option to wear in summers to keep body cool. Though it holds more moisture than polyester Lycra fabric, yet it makes best option to wear in summers

Any specific reason? Since dampness is delivered as steam as the warmth press raises it to a high temperature. Not expelling enough of the dampness will make the cement not append to the texture strands appropriately.

Your answer is to pre-press your texture somewhat longer than ordinary to guarantee all dampness is expelled from the texture before applying your exchange.


  • Natural fibers free of chemicals
  • Hypoallergenic, and does not irritate skin
  • Burns as opposed to melts like polyester
  • Breathable – Great option for hot weather



  • Quite costly
  • Prone to shrinking
  • Natural fibers wear down faster
  • Holds moisture for longer time


 Why Polyester Lycra Fabric Is Best?

Polyester on other hand is a synthetic fiber, which comprise of numerous benefits which aren’t found in cotton. It has solid strands that don’t wear out as fast, while being adaptable and impervious to wrinkles and contracting. In contrast to cotton, polyester dries rapidly which makes it ideal for colder climate and sports where you don’t need sodden texture against your skin.

The main reason athletes approach polyester Lycra fabric supplier for incredible moisture-wicking properties, slight weight, and strong fibers, and strong fibers of this material. For heat printers, playing it safe while adorning polyester is an absolute necessity. It is normally temperature delicate, so low temperature heat moves like Elasti Prints are expected to lessen or forestall singing. Polyester additionally tends to cause color relocation between the texture color and the design.


  • Strong
  • Resists wrinkles and shrinking
  • Inexpensive
  • Flexible
  • Dries quickly



  • Tends to stick to perspiring skin
  • Not as breathable
  • Temperature sensitive
  • Subject to dye migration

So you decide? Polyester Lycra or Cotton?  By the way, blend of both fabric materials is best of both worlds. You, or your customers will experience the natural feel and breathability of cotton along with strong and flexible properties of polyester. Doesn’t it make a fascinating combination?


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